Deck the Halls... Safely! Holiday Decorating Tips

December 03, 2013

It's that time of year when we all pull out the decorations, untangle the lights and get ready to deck the halls. Make sure to keep the holiday cheer going by getting your decorating done safely!

Inspect your lights before you hang them. Look for frayed lines and cracked cords - both can be fire hazards! Replace any broken bulbs before they get hung up - it's much easier on the ground than to do it on a ladder!
Check the boxes from your lights to see how many strands should be strung together. Too many strands strung together can be a fire hazard.
If you're using a ladder, make sure you are using proper ladder safety.
Maine weather can be hard to predict, but try to pick a calm, sunny day. Don't hang lights in wind, rain or snow - ladders and electricity can be dangerous in inclement weather.
If you are using a fake Christmas tree, make sure it is fire resistant; for a real tree, make sure it's fresh.
Enlist help! Having an extra set of hands (or two) can keep you from having to climb up and down and can help steady a ladder.
The most important tip of all? Watch this "informational" video from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation... and don't do anything Chevy Chase does.